Uk parliamentary

China is threat to country’s security: Uk parliamentary committee


Britain’s parliamentary committee has released a shocking report regarding the country’s national security. It states that China is a major threat to Britain’s national security. According to this, China has so far been successful in aggressively targeting Britain, because no better policy has been made by the government to deal with this threat.

The Debate is going on in the UK media on this report of the Intelligence and Security Committee of the Parliament. In this report, the British government has been accused of failing to recognize the issues. Apart from this, it has been said that China has made a dent in every sector of the British economy. Significantly, earlier British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had said that his government is taking important steps to reduce Britain’s dependence on Chinese technology. However, he expressed his desire to have open relations with China. Criticizing Rishi Sunak Conservative government, the report said China’s size, capability and passion have enabled it to penetrate every sector of the UK economy. It said that the steps taken by the government to stop this threat from China are insufficient.

The report further said that China’s involvement, influence and interference in the UK economy are very difficult to catch. The shocking thing is that the government did not even look into such things earlier. Britain’s intelligence agencies keep an eye on China’s covert activities, that is, they could not even take the responsibility of directly identifying the steps taken by China.

In this, many important facts have also been kept regarding the investment made by China in Britain. It has been said that till now there has been no investigation of Chinese investment. Not only this, the committee found that the government does not even want to re-examine the sensitive investment agreements signed with China in important sectors. It has been said that some academic institutions are also ignoring these antics of China and are happy to take their money. The report states that we are on the path where China can steal our blueprints, set its standards and produce itself, creating political and economic pressure on all levels.