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China perceive India’s troop buildup amid border tensions

China fears India’s increased troop presence at disputed border, citing potential escalated tensions. India has redeployed 10,000 soldiers to reinforce its western border.

The Indian Army is converting the Uttar Bharat Area into a fully operational corps, focusing on securing the middle sector of the 3,488-km Line of Actual Control.

Despite previous agreements, the two countries recently held discussions on border issues in the western section of the China-India border.

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, reiterated its commitment to collaborating with India to maintain peace and stability in border areas, but expressed reservations about India’s military buildup.

China’s refusal to disengage from India’s calls for troop disengagement at standoff points in Ladakh has heightened tensions, despite multiple rounds of talks.

The tensions escalated following clashes in Galwan Valley in mid-2020, resulting in casualties on both sides.

Both India and China have fortified their positions and increased troop deployments in the region.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh issued a warning to China, asserting India’s capability to respond firmly to any aggression, emphasizing its defensive stance and advancements in defense, self-reliance, and modernization since 2014.

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