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China’s Critique of Israel’s Actions in Gaza: A Call for International Accountability

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has criticized Israel’s military action in Gaza, stating that it goes beyond self-defense and must cease its collective punishment of Palestinians. He called for all parties to refrain from actions that escalate the situation and return to the negotiating table as soon as possible.

China will send special envoy Zhai Jun to the Middle East this week to build international consensus, cool down the situation, and create necessary conditions for political settlement. Wang has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for Israel to open up channels for humanitarian aid and the rescue of Palestinian civilians trapped in the enclave.

Since October 7, thousands of people have died since Palestinian Hamas militants entered and bombarded Israel, leading Israel to declare war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip enclave. Wang emphasized the importance of stopping the fighting, observing international humanitarian law, ensuring civilian safety, opening up humanitarian rescue and assistance passage, and preventing a severe humanitarian disaster.

Israeli forces continue to bombard Gaza, despite diplomatic attempts to broker a ceasefire and humanitarian aid entering the Hamas-run territory. Overnight air strikes have been the heaviest yet, with many buildings flattened and more people trapped under rubble. Israeli officials have issued multiple warnings of Hamas rocket fire into Israel.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for an international peace conference and a two-state solution with an independent Palestine, aiming for “lasting security” for Israel. He criticized the delay in achieving an independent state and the failure to address historical injustices faced by the Palestinian people. He questioned when the Palestinian nation will return to its home, stating that the injustice to Palestine has dragged on for over half a century.

China’s official condemnations of violence in the Israel-Palestinian conflict have not specifically named Hamas, leading to criticism from Western officials. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning confirmed that four Chinese nationals have been killed, with two missing and six injured.

Chinese diplomatic institutions are coordinating efforts to save lives, treat injured individuals, and make arrangements for the deceased. They have urged relevant parties to search and rescue missing Chinese and take effective steps to keep them safe. Commercial flights between China and Israel are still operating, and local Chinese nationals are advised to fly back to China on commercial flights as soon as possible.

ChinaChina's Critique of Israel's Actions in Gaza: A Call for International AccountabilityChina's Foreign Minister Wang YiHamasHamas militantsIsrael-Palestinian conflictPalestinian