China foreign minister Qin Gang

China’s former foreign minister Qin Gang still unknown!

Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has been missing for the past several days and still nothing is known about him. Recently, Qin Gang was removed from the post of Foreign Minister of China, but surprisingly, all the records and information related to Qin Gang have been removed from the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs.

The Qin Gang has not been seen for more than a month. About a week ago, China’s Foreign Ministry had told that due to poor health, Qin Gang is not visible in public. Although the market of rumours about Quinn Gang is hot. Ian Johnson, a China affairs expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, says that such disappearances are common in China. Sometimes it can take months and even years. Johnson vehemently denied claims that Quinn Gang was absent due to health reasons.

Qin Gang was appointed Foreign Minister of China in December 2022. He was appointed for five years but he could not complete even one year on his post and in the past, he was removed from the post and former Foreign Minister Wang Yi was made Foreign Minister again. According to media reports, such disappearance of officials is common in China. In the past also such incidents have happened, in which many important officials and leaders disappeared from public life. These include the names of former Chief Protocol Officer Zhang Kunsheng, Industry Minister Jiao Yaqing etc.