China’s officials disappearance is not a coincidence; strategy changes


Officials of high rank are continuously disappearing in China. In such a situation, it has become clear that the Communist Party of China (CCP) is changing its strategy. However, CCP President Xi Jinping has not yet given any explanation for the replacement of the top two generals of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) and the disappearance of Foreign Minister Qin Gang. In such a situation, the disappearance of officials reflects an old pattern of corruption allegations in China.

Significantly, Qin was last seen on June 25. After this, nothing has been found about them. As such, President Xi officially removed Qin as foreign minister on July 25. China’s 57-year-old former foreign minister, Qin Gang, has not been seen in public for more than a month. Some people believe that Gang is having an affair with TV anchor Fu Xiaotian. He also has a child. Rumour has it that since the time the minister was missing, these two people have also been missing. Married Qin took over as China’s foreign minister in December 2022. He is known for his replies and as a diplomat. The gang had replaced Wang Yi, who had been foreign minister for 10 years.

Let me tell you, now that the gang has disappeared, Wang has once again been appointed Foreign Minister. The gang is China’s shortest-serving foreign minister. He worked as the foreign minister only for 207 days. However, apart from China, the whole world wants to know about Qin Gang. One search engine recorded a 5,000 per cent increase in searches for gangs in just one week in mid-July.

It can be said that China is more worried about the upheavals within the PLARF than Qin. The PLARF is the force responsible for China’s nuclear missile arsenal. For a decade, people in PLA have been seen continuously disappearing. The first commander, General Li Yuchao, and the political commissar, General Liu Guangbin, were not seen for several months. Then later, he was removed from the posts.

A public discussion arose again when General Li was not seen at a promotion ceremony presided over by Xi in late June. General Li was once one of Xi’s most trusted generals. In January 2022, Xi promoted him to the chief of PLARF. China is currently making changes to its nuclear strategy. In such a situation, the disappearance of big officers and leaders is also being considered as part of this.

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