China’s structural reform more powerful Xi Jinping


The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership can bring government, safety and intelligence branches under the direct control of the ruling party rather than the country’s cabinet. Analysts said, “He suggests another bid for the potential preparation of war, along with strengthening political power in the hands of Xi Jinping.

President Xi Jinping said in a high-level political meeting in Beijing on Tuesday that in the upcoming session of China’s rubber-stamp Parliament, the National People’s Congress, party scientific and technical institutions, as well as integrated leadership on the country’s financial institutions and government responsibilities, Will Strengthen The announcement suggests the internal cracks within the government and the party.

RFA said, State Broadcaster CCTV quoted Xi about the meeting- A draft institutional reform scheme is currently under discussion which will touch more relevant, more intensive, comprehensive access and deep interests than previous structures.

While the authorities have not yet made the accurate details of the reorganization, public, Japan-based Chinese commentator Hong Jianganan said the schemes would include bringing the Ministry of Public Safety, which controls the police system, and the Ministry of State Security, which is the state security The mechanism and foreign intelligence control, will be brought under the aegis of the party.

Hong said, its only way is to strengthen the party at the price of the state. This will convert government departments into administrative offices, which will be worked on to work and do grant work. He will do basic administrative work, but the original policy making will be taken away and will go to strengthen the party’s leadership. We are not talking about the merger of party and state here.

He said that reforms would include the establishment of a committee of powerful internal affairs under the central leadership of the Communist Party in Beijing. According to a report in the Soviet newspaper Ijavastia, on July 11, 1934, if the improvement implements such a scheme, the committee of internal affairs may look similar to the People’s Commission for internal affairs under the East Soviet Union, which is an internal revolutionary Along with ensuring the order and security of the state, the state was responsible for the internal security of property, the safety of national borders and registration of birth, death, marriage and divorce.

RFA said- If such a scheme is implemented, then it comes at the time of unprecedented official control over people’s personal and political lives, local militia to promote the transfer and stability of law enforcement powers to local neighbouring committees With the establishment of, a system of law enforcement that aims to prevent dissatisfaction and opposition in the bud.

Hong said it is important that on the eve of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, Xi was now only referring to these schemes, and was not aired at the 20th party Congress in October.

ChinaChina's structural reform more powerful Xi JinpingXi Jinping