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Chinese virus fears in US military network; Computer code discovery


Citing US military, intelligence and security officials, The New York Times reported in a report that earlier, giant technology company Microsoft claimed to have detected mysterious computer code in Guam’s telecommunications system. Explain that America has a big military base in Guam. The company claimed that this computer code could be in other US military bases as well. However, the Chinese Embassy in Washington denied the report.

Meanwhile, the discovery of the malware has raised suspicions that Chinese hackers possibly working for the People’s Liberation Army have gained access to the White House in recent days. This is not the first time that China’s name has come up in cyber attacks like this. Chinese involvement in cyber attacks on India has come to the fore many times. In the year 2015, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting told Parliament that among the countries from which India’s cyber security is threatened, China ranks first. India Future Foundation, an organization that monitors cyber attacks, had said in a report that whenever there is a major incident in India, cyber attacks on the country intensify after that.

An official of the US Parliament has described the malware as a time bomb. He said the malware would give China the power to shut down power, water and communications systems at US military bases and influence Washington’s military operations. It can also severely affect household supplies and businesses.

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