DHA highlights investment opportunities and licensing services at Dubai Derma 2024

The Dubai Health Authority( DHA) is showcasing its distinguished services and projects for investors, health professionals, health facilities and the public during its participation in the 23rd session of the Dubai International Dermatology and Laser Conference and Exhibition, “Dubai Derma 2024.”

The Authority’s participation in this annual event constitutes a valuable opportunity to introduce its innovative services, the investment opportunities available in the health sector, and the significant importance the Authority gives to creating an environment conducive to health investment and strengthening the emirate’s position as a preferred destination for medical tourism and attracting medical tourists for treatments across several medical specialties, including dermatology.

Dubai Medical Registry

During its participation in the exhibition, the Authority will showcase the “Dubai Medical Register”, which helps customers and the public, in general, to instantly search the health sector database to identify all health professionals in the Emirate of Dubai from various categories, including doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, and health profession practitioners as well as alternative medicine practitioners. Through this register, one can also identify the health professional’s specialisation, academic certificates, and practical experience obtained, in addition to the health facilities in which the professional works in the emirate.

The register also provides customers with complete details about all licensed health facilities in the emirate, the addresses to reach them and various specialties available in these health facilities as well as ways to communicate directly with them to benefit from their services. The register constitutes a documented database that is compatible with the best applicable international standards.

 Dubai Derma 2024

Health investment in Dubai

At the conference, Dubai Health Authority will also showcase the promising investment opportunities provided by the health sector in the Emirate of Dubai, in key specialised fields.

  • Sheryan System:

The authority will also present to participants and visitors of the Dubai Derma 2024 exhibition and conference its intelligent services and systems in the field of licensing professionals and health facilities and their oversight and auditing through the (Sheryan) system, which relies in its operation on the latest means and modern technologies supported by artificial intelligence, to facilitate procedures and automate the regulatory journey to ensure the safety of patients and the provision of the highest quality of services provided in the emirate.

The “Sheryan” system constitutes an essential platform for professionals and health facilities in Dubai in light of the growth of the health sector in the emirate, as 2023 witnessed a strong demand for health professionals opting to work in the health sector in Dubai. The DHA recorded 904,646 new professional registrations, along with 26,279 new facility registrations and 952 requests for facility activation during the same year.

It is noteworthy that the number of licensed health facilities in Dubai has witnessed significant growth over the past five years, as it increased from 3,431 facilities in 2019 to 4,922 health facilities in 2023, and the number of health professionals also increased from 39,548 to 58,788 during the same period.

DHA highlights investment opportunities and licensing services at Dubai Derma 2024DubaiDubai Derma 2024Dubai Health Authority( DHA)