Donald Trump in big trouble, how?


Former US President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential run could take a major blow as a Georgia judge later this month blocks petitions to release a grand jury report on his involvement in possible election rigging. Will hear about it.
US media quoted an election analyst as saying, “It could be crucial.”

Georgia judges will now look into the grand jury report that recommended prosecution and could damage the former president’s image, The Guardian reports.

The report could prompt Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis to go ahead and take the former president to court.

The report said that the 23-member panel completed its work last Monday and requested the report to be made public.

Norm Eisen, a legal expert at the Brookings Institution, said in his report that there is a wealth of evidence against the former president, including improperly influencing government officials, forgery and inducing them to commit criminal acts. That’s why Trump can be sued.

Essen claimed in an interview with The Guardian that it was highly likely that Willis would follow the grand jury’s recommendations and proceed with prosecution.

The attorney said, “The evidence is powerful and the law is very favourable to prosecutors in Georgia.”

“I believe that based on the (special jury) report, there is every possibility that Trump and his co-conspirators will be prosecuted,” he said.

Essen claimed that the Georgia case went a step further than the DOJ investigation of Trump regarding the January 6 insurrection and the taking of government documents and depositing them at Mar-a-Lago.

That means Trump could be in a Georgia courtroom long before the DOJ completes its work.

Essen said, “If the grand jury’s report recommends prosecution, Fannie Willis, a county district attorney in Atlanta, will face the most consequential decision of her career, as the first time in American history a former president is criminally prosecuted.” Will work.”

The Guardian said: “People who have worked with Willis say she would not hesitate to prosecute Trump if she saw fit. She is known to be a fan of anti-racketeering laws. Was used to prosecute public school teachers. If Willis decides to pursue the case, then she would need to convene a regular grand jury, which has the authority to hand down indictments.”

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