Drone attack in Moscow

Drone attack in Moscow, airport closed


There has been a drone attack again in Russia’s capital Moscow. The attack has been blamed on Ukraine. The special thing is that this attack took place at a time when Russia’s air defence system was also active, yet Russia could not avoid the drone attack. Two buildings were damaged in the attack. The video of the drone attack has also surfaced, which is going viral on social media. The mayor of Moscow has also confirmed the attack.

Russia has closed its Nukavo airport as a precautionary measure. According to media reports, the high-rise building named IQ Quarter of Moscow was attacked. The building houses residential apartments and government offices. According to reports, one person has also been injured in this attack. There is also news of a drone attack on another building in Moscow. A video has surfaced in which a woman is seen sleeping in her apartment when a drone crashes into her building. Its video is also becoming very viral on social media.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin also confirmed the drone attack on two Moscow buildings. However, he said that there was not much damage in the attack. The attack happened on Sunday morning. Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported that Russia’s Air Defense destroyed a Ukrainian drone in western Moscow. Last week also there was news of two drone attacks in Moscow. Ukraine was also accused of this.