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Future of Argentina Hangs in the Balance: A Once-in-a-Generation Vote for the Youthful Electorate

Argentine teenager Tomas Kremenchuzky, nicknamed “Toto,” is set to vote in his first presidential election on October 22, the most uncertain race in his lifetime. The country’s economic model is at risk due to a cost-of-living crisis and triple-digit inflation, leading to investor wariness.

The presidential frontrunner, Javier Milei, is popular due to his wild-haired and brash political outsider style. Toto, from a well-off family, plays soccer, and attends a private school in Buenos Aires. In an August primary vote, Toto voted for conservative Patricia Bullrich, but could shift his vote in October if the libertarian candidate convinces him in election debates.

Young voters are hesitant to support conservative politician Milei’s promise of significant government spending cuts, fearing it will disproportionately impact the poor and favoring Peronist candidate Sergio Massa despite economic turmoil.

Massa, a candidate who represents social justice and a better country, is being backed by young voters in Argentina. Pozzetti, a theater and dance scholar, believes that people are drawn to the unknown and the new face of Milei, who represents the anger people have with politics. Noelle Chab, an 18-year-old Buenos Aires resident, voted for Milei in the primaries and plans to do so again in October.

Chab believes that Milei represents change and wants to remove the Peronist government, which has done a lot of harm. Simon Rubinstein, a 17-year-old fan of soccer, Formula 1, and “Star Wars,” likes Milei’s ideas about shrinking the state but is afraid of his proposals, including dollarization and laxer gun controls.

Young voters are concerned about Milei’s socially conservative views, including his strong anti-abortion stance, which could be difficult to overturn. Toto believes that it will be impossible for people to endorse him on this issue and that the abortion law will continue as it is.

ArgentinaFuture of Argentina Hangs in the Balance: A Once-in-a-Generation Vote for the Youthful Electorate