G20 Summit: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina meets with Sonia Gandhi

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina meets with Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi

The G-20 heads of state have begun arriving in Delhi, with the main opposition party’s Congress leaders less likely to attend the event. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge will remain in Chhattisgarh for two days, while senior party leader Rahul Gandhi is in Europe.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina may meet former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, who has had warm personal relations with the Nehru-Gandhi family. Sheikh Hasina received the ‘Indira Gandhi Peace Prize’ from the UPA government in 2010, and she recalled an incident from the 1970s when she and her family took political asylum in Delhi after the massacre of her family in 1975.

Sonia Gandhi also recalled an incident from the 1970s when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman arrived in Delhi while returning to his home in Bangladesh. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was considered a good leader but a bad administrator, as he dismissed other political parties and implemented a one-party system in the country. He faced severe criticism from his opponents and believed that the country needed a strong government rather than political challenges.

A section of the army tried to take advantage of anti-Mujib sentiments, leading to the overthrow of the government on August 15, 1975, which resulted in Mujib and his entire family being killed. The six tanks Egypt had gifted to Bangladesh were used for the coup, supported by Army Chief General Zia-ur-Rehman. The news of Mujib’s murder in jail came during an emergency in India, and Mujib heard that India had warned him of a possible murderous attack on him.

The Government of Bangladesh awarded Indira Gandhi its highest civilian honor 27 years after her death for helping Bangladesh’s liberation war. Sheikh Hasina accepted the honor at the hands of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the opposition of ignoring the G-20 conference, stating that they did not value the leader of 60% of India’s population.

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