Girl kidnapped and kept as sex slave for 14 years


A man kidnapped a woman and kept her as a sex slave in his house for 14 years. During this, the man allegedly raped the woman at least 1000 times in the dungeon. He was also given physical and mental torture. The matter is of Chelyabinsk in western Russia. The person is said to be mentally ill and is currently admitted to the hospital. In the report, the woman who escaped from the man’s dungeon narrated the story of 14 years of torture. The woman claimed that the incident started in 2009 when she was abducted by a freak in Russia. Now the woman is 33 years old. Kidnapper Vladimir Cheskidov is also accused of killing another woman. He has cases of murder, rape and kidnapping registered against him.

According to local reports, it was the mother of the accused who helped the woman escape. The woman claimed that Cheskidov had dismembered another woman named Oksana after killing her in the dungeon. Investigators also found parts of human bodies in the dungeon. According to local reports, Valentina, the mother of the accused Cheskidov, lived in the same house. It is said that he knew about these kidnappings.

The victim woman told the police that she was allowed to go out of the bedroom to do household chores at knifepoint. Said in his report, he also claimed that he was repeatedly harassed on small things. brutally beaten. Physical tortures were given. Russia Today, citing investigators, said in its report that Cheskidov met 19-year-old Ekaterina in 2009. Invited him to the house for a drink. Then it all started from there. Cheskidov allegedly threatened her with a knife. Tied his hands and feet and locked him in the room. By threatening his life, the accused started making the victim do household chores.

The woman also said that she was repeatedly subjected to sexual abuse during her imprisonment. In the room where the woman was kept, a laptop and discs containing pornographic films as well as sex toys used during the torture sessions were kept. The accused is mentally ill The investigating officers told that the accused is also mentally ill, he had to be admitted to the hospital when his condition deteriorated. Meanwhile, the victim woman got a chance to escape. The investigation committee and forensic experts are working on the spot. According to local reports, the death of his father is also under investigation.