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Gold Buddha: 100-meter-high gold Buddha statue to be built in Cambodia


Sok Kong, the business tycoon of Cambodia’s tourism sector, has given information about his mission, after which America will also lag behind this country. Cambodia’s billionaire Kong is preparing to build a 30-storey gold statue of Mahatma Buddha in the country. This will be a very ambitious project for Kong.

The purpose of Kong is to unveil the largest statue of Mahatma Buddha in the world. The statue will be on the outskirts of the country’s Kampot. Kong says that if everything goes according to plan, the 100-meter-tall statue will bring a proud moment to the southern part of the country.

Worth more than 34 million

This project will be worth more than 34 million pounds i.e. 3000 crore rupees. It has been approved by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen. Hun Sen found this plan very effective and he immediately gave it the green signal. According to Hun Sen, this statue will showcase the Khmer culture.

Kong has given a glimpse of his plan through the pictures of the giant statue of Mahatma Buddha. It is clearly visible from the photographs shown by him that the golden Buddha is seen looking at the whole country through a temple. This statue will be built on the Bokor hills.

Who is kong

Kong is considered to be the most successful businessman in Cambodia. He has announced that this statue will attract tourists as well as be a focal point of attraction for the followers of Buddhism. Kong, the owner of the Soka Hotel, will dedicate the statue to happiness, prosperity and lifelong peace.

His plan has been welcomed by many religious leaders. Although some people have called this a waste of money.

Khim Sorn, head of the Mahanikaya monk order, has welcomed the plan. He has said that this will promote Buddhism in the country. If they believe, they do not see a waste of money in this because this statue of Buddha will teach peace to many generations in the coming times. Along with this, Cambodia will also be given a new identity in the world map.

Statue of Liberty behind

The head of the Kampot provincial monks, Wen Net Chandara, said he was really happy with the plan as a business tycoon has launched such a plan.

If they believe, the installation of the statue will become a part of the religious history of the country. Once this statue is completed, then even The Big Buddha in Hong Kong will be left behind. This statue is just 34 meters away. It will even beat the Statue of Liberty, which is 46 meters tall.

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