How many international airports in Russia?

More than 329 Russian airports, Several international ratings and is actively involved in modernization.

However, it’s important to note that this number may have changed since then due to various factors such as airport construction, closures, and changes in airport classifications.

Russia is the largest country in the world by land area, spanning over 17 million square kilometres. It has a diverse landscape, including vast plains, forests, mountains, and coastline along the Arctic and Pacific oceans. Given its size and geographic diversity, Russia has a significant number of airports, including international airports that connect the country to the rest of the world.

What is the name of the Russia International Airport?

The following is a list of some of the major international airports in Russia, along with their location and annual passenger traffic:

  • Sheremetyevo International Airport – Moscow – 19.1 million passengers
  • Domodedovo International Airport – Moscow – 16.8 million passengers
  • Pulkovo International Airport – St. Petersburg – 10.3 million passengers
  • Vnukovo International Airport – Moscow – 6.7 million passengers
  • Koltsovo International Airport – Yekaterinburg – 4.4 million passengers
  • Tolmachevo International Airport – Novosibirsk – 4.3 million passengers
  • Platov International Airport – Rostov-on-Don – 4.2 million passengers
  • Sochi International Airport – Sochi – 3.9 million passengers
  • Kazan International Airport – Kazan – 3.6 million passengers
  • Krasnodar International Airport – Krasnodar – 3.5 million passengers

These are just a few examples of the many international airports in Russia. In addition to these major airports, there are numerous smaller airports scattered throughout the country that also provide international flights.

What is Russia’s biggest airport?

Sheremetyevo International Airport, located in Moscow, is the biggest airport in Russia. It is one of the three major airports serving the capital city, along with Domodedovo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. Sheremetyevo is the main hub for the Russian national airline, Aeroflot, and is a primary gateway for international flights to and from Russia.

In terms of passenger traffic, Sheremetyevo is also the busiest airport in Russia. According to data from 2020, the airport handled approximately 19.1 million passengers that year, making it one of the busiest airports in Europe. It has four passenger terminals and two runways and offers flights to over 200 destinations worldwide.

Sheremetyevo International Airport plays a critical role in Russia’s transportation infrastructure and is a key link between Russia and the rest of the world.

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