IB Security: Women guards will also be deployed in Sunderbans International Border

bsf woman India


The Border Security Force (BSF) has taken a major decision on the Sunderbans International Border. Now women guards of BSF will also be deployed on the Sunderbans international border connecting India-Bangladesh. It is noteworthy that the Sundarbans International Border, which comes under West Bengal, is an inaccessible long water border. Now along with the brave men of BSF, the women heroes of the security force will also be seen deployed in the defense of the border.

It is worth mentioning that the Sunderbans area situated on the India-Bangladesh international border in West Bengal is extremely marshy. This area is surrounded by dense forests and rivers. BSF has taken a new step towards women empowerment by deploying women guards in this difficult area surrounded by various challenges. Along with this, the deployment of women guards in this area will improve and strengthen strict vigil on cross-border crimes including women trafficking.

Floating BOP Ganga now handed over to BSF’s female guard

Home Minister Amit Shah had handed over three new floating BOPs (floating border post in water) to BSF 7 months ago to enhance the surveillance of the area. After this, three more new floating BOPs namely Ganga, Krishna and Sabarmati were inaugurated by BSF Director General Pankaj Kumar Singh during his 2-day tour of South Bengal Frontier recently. One of these floating BOPs, the responsibility of border security from Ganga has now been completely entrusted to the shoulders of women jawans, in which women guards will now be seen independently in combat roles.

First such decision taken in the history of BSF

For the first time in the history of BSF, women guards have been deployed for border patrolling and operation of a floating BOP in difficult terrain like Sunderbans. At present, a platoon of women guards has been deployed on this floating BOP, which will be deployed round the clock for monitoring and border management of this remote border area. The security of the Sunderbans region, spread over hundreds of kilometers along the India-Bangladesh border in the North and South 24 Parganas districts of West Bengal, is a very challenging task.

Rivers passing through the area make border management challenging

According to BSF, the border of the two countries passes through several rivers like Raimangal and Ichhamati in this area, which makes border management of this area more difficult and challenging. Infiltration, cattle and drug smuggling have been a major problem in this area. Instead of a permanent border post in this area surrounded by dense forest and water, BSF monitors this area round the clock by converting a big ship into a floating BOP.

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