Imran Khan arrested from Lahore, court sentenced to 3 years

The difficulties of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan have increased. Imran Khan has been convicted by the District-Sessions Court in the Toshakhana case.

He has been sentenced to three years in this case. It has been told that after the announcement of the sentence, the Islamabad police arrested Imran from Lahore.

What is the Toshakhana case?

  • Actually, according to the law of Pakistan, any gift received from the dignitaries of a foreign state has to be kept in the State Depository ie Toshakhana. If the head of state wants to retain the gift, he will have to pay an amount equal to its value. This is decided through an auction process. These gifts either remain deposited in the Toshakhana or can be auctioned and the money earned through this is deposited in the national exchequer.
  • Khan, who heads the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, is accused of buying gifts, including an expensive graph wristwatch received at a discounted price from the State Depository, Toshakhana, and selling them for profit when he was prime minister. Imran Khan received 58 gifts worth about Rs 14 crore during his official visits. These costly gifts were deposited in the Toshakhana. Later Imran Khan bought them from Toshakhana at a cheap price and then sold them in the market at an expensive price. He also made changes in the government law during this whole process.
  • According to media reports, Imran bought these gifts from Toshakhana for Rs 2.15 crore and earned a profit of Rs 5.8 crore by selling them. These gifts included a Graph watch, a pair of cufflinks, an expensive pen, a ring and four Rolex watches. He was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in October last year for not sharing details of the sale.
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