Imran Khan be prosecuted under Army Act or not?


No decision has yet been taken on whether former Pakistan Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan will be prosecuted under the Army Act. Citing sources, The News International reported that although some federal ministers had suggested that the military trial should name Imran Khan as the mastermind of the May 9 attacks, no decision has yet been taken in this regard.

The civilian side, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and several federal ministers, have repeatedly stated that Imran Khan was the main planner of the May 9 violence. However, the military establishment has not yet named anyone, including Imran Khan, but has indirectly indicated what the civilian government has been vocally saying. Following the evidence collected by the police and based on the statements of some of the arsonists already arrested, FIRs are now being filed against Imran Khan in connection with the May 9 attacks.

Imran Khan has been named in at least six FIRs. Imran Khan has so far been named in FIRs lodged at various police stations in Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Mianwali. His name is expected to figure in more FIRs. When asked whether Imran Khan would be prosecuted under the Army Act, the source said that no decision has been taken on the issue yet. A total of 102 citizens arrested from different parts of the country in the wake of the May 9 violence are with the military authorities for trial under the Army Act, according to the information provided to the Supreme Court recently by the federal government.

None of these 102 suspects are women or children. A few days ago a media report suggested that no woman or person below 18 years of age would be prosecuted under the Army Act.
The custody of all those who will be tried under the Army Act is handed over to the Army. If it is decided to prosecute Imran Khan under the Army Act, then his custody will also be handed over to the military authorities.

Earlier, the PTI chief on Monday appeared before two Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) to record his statement on 12 cases registered under the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and Maintenance of Public Order (MPO). Happened. Two JITs headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Yasir Afridi and SP Rukhsar Mehdi asked Imran over 25 questions while recording his statement. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said in his statement that he has no hatred towards Pakistan and national institutions. The PTI chief further said that he deeply respects the Pakistani army, the dead soldiers and the Ghazis.

Sources revealed that Imran had openly condemned the May 9 incident, however, Imran said, ‘PTI workers or I have nothing to do with the May 9 incident. According to The News International, “He further claimed that it was a conspiracy against him and his party. He said, “I will never accept responsibility for this incident as the conspiracy was hatched by the government and law enforcement agencies which would kill me and It is engaged in trapping the party in legal trouble.” He repeatedly said, “I do not agree with the claim that PTI workers were involved in the May 9 incident as I have evidence of conspiracy related to the incident.” As reported by News International, Imran concluded, “They are trying to eliminate me from politics, but they cannot succeed in their intention.”

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