India bought S-400 defense system from Russia

The relations between India and the United States are going strong at the moment. Relations between the two countries have strengthened in the last few years. Both countries consider each other as their close allies. India and America are also partners in many sectors.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is currently on a state visit to America and during this, the relations between the two countries have further strengthened. Now if we talk about such a country with which America’s relations are going very bad at this time, then its name is Russia.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of sourness in the relations between America and Russia and ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine (Ukraine) started, the rift in the relations between America and Russia has increased. Not only this, America is keeping its distance from such countries which are friends of Russia. Except for one country, and that is India.

There have been strong relations between India and Russia for a long time.

India and Russia have had strong relations for a long time and this is not hidden from anyone. Both countries have supported each other when needed. When many countries imposed sanctions on Russia because of the war against Ukraine, India started buying crude oil in large quantities from Russia.

Russia started supplying oil to India at a discount. Both countries have been partners in many sectors for a long time. This includes defence as well.

India bought 5 S-400 air defence systems from Russia

India and Russia signed a deal in October 2018 because of being partners in defence sectors. It was a defence deal and according to this deal, India bought 5 S-400 air defence systems from Russia. Two of their units were delivered to India in December 2021 and one unit in April 2022 by Russia. The remaining two units will be delivered to India by the end of 2023 or by 2024. United States was angry because of this defence deal between the two countries.

The United States will not act

America will no longer take any action against India despite buying S-400 Air Defense Systems from Russia. This has also been confirmed by the Pentagon, the US Defense Department agency. America has exempted India from its CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) law.

Why did United States’ tone change?

The reason for America’s change in tone is the increased relations between India and America in the last few years. America knows that India is a very important ally for it. Especially in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region. Amidst the growing threat of China, America also knows that India is an important power. Along with this, America and India are now partners in many sectors. At the same time, America also wants India to be strong and it knows very well that Russia’s best S-400 air defence systems will give India a lot of strength.

PM Modi’s state visit to America also makes it clear that America considers its relations with India very important. Along with this, America will also strengthen its partnership with India in defence sectors. Both countries will work together on many projects in the defense sectors and this will greatly benefit India.

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