India-China border dispute: Confusion in some place

India’s Security Advisor Ajit Doval said that China is ready to work with India for development. He is also in favour of bringing stability to the border areas by ending the tense environment created over the last two years.

Significantly, Wang Yi and India’s Security Advisor Ajit Doval are special representatives in the mechanism set up to resolve the India-China border dispute. This system was still lying inactive. After Wang Yi’s latest statement, some activities are now expected to start in it. So far seventeen rounds of talks have taken place between the army officers of the two countries and China’s stand has remained flexible in all.

As a result of this, despite serious tension in the Ladakh region for almost two years, a consensus could be reached to return the forces to their respective areas. When there has been talking of establishing stability in the border areas from the level of the Foreign Minister, a policy decision can be expected soon.

Confusion persists about some places on the China border with India, due to which the army there has been coming to this site as a strategic strategy. Otherwise, China also understands very well that it will not get any benefit by maintaining a war-like situation with India for a long time. All the countries of the world now become powerful on the strength of their economies, and not by the show of arms and military power.

The Corona epidemic has shaken the economic condition of all the countries of the world. China’s economy has also faltered. Being imprisoned for a long time, there has been a very bad effect on the business there. In such a situation, he would not like to invite new challenges by taking enmity with his nearest big market.

Recently, after the incursion of Chinese troops into the Tawang region, there was a voice in India that the government should take strong diplomatic steps to teach China a lesson. These tough steps can only be taken to strengthen the domestic market by banning imports. In this way, China can get a big blow, for which it will never be ready.

India imports the most from China after America. China’s relations with America have always been tense. If India reduces imports from China, then naturally it will increase from America. That’s why China would not want to let its market share go to America. Then the way India has emerged strong in the G-20, it has reached a position to challenge the economic superpowers.

China tried its best to encircle India by strengthening its hold on India’s neighbouring countries – Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc., but it did not see any significant effect. In such a situation, trying to keep India restless by creating undue tension on the border for China is not going to prove very effective. So if he wants to extend the hand of friendship, it is better for the progress of both countries.

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