India-China conflict: Chinese troops deployed in 74 km area in Tawang

Arunachal Pradesh China PLA Deployment: China has deployed a large-scale army at a distance of just 74 km from India’s Tawang. This deployment of troops has been done after the skirmish between India and China in Tawang. Satellite pictures have revealed that China’s intentions seem dangerous.


The Tawang border in the Arunachal Pradesh state of India, now the intentions of the Chinese dragon are looking more dangerous. China has made a new deployment of troops on a large scale just 74 km away from the skirmish site in Tawang.

This dangerous move of the Chinese army has been revealed in the pictures taken from the satellite. These pictures also revealed that China has set up a substantial military camp in its area. This military camp is located near the recently built Lhunje Airport in China.

These pictures show that the Chinese army built this military camp in the month of December. Earlier it was a farming area. Earlier, there was a fierce clash between the military of China and India on 9 December.

Around 300 Chinese soldiers tried to capture the Indian military post in Tawang’s Yangtse. Many soldiers from both China and India were badly injured in this skirmish. The Chinese soldiers had to flee due to the strong counterattack of the Indian soldiers.

China Running on salami slicing strategy

Experts have warned that in the coming times, China can again do such audacity and India will have to be alert of this. They say that this is part of China’s salami-slicing strategy.

China tries to occupy Indian territory or declares the disputed area as its own, which has long been considered a no man’s land. After the Galvan violence in the year 2020, now there are frequent clashes between India and China. At the beginning of the year 2020, China conducted an extensive military exercise in Tibet.

China deployed two division army and tried to occupy Indian territories. Later Galvan violence took place in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. About 40 Chinese soldiers were also killed.

Since then, till now about 60 thousand soldiers from both countries are standing face to face on LAC fully equipped with weapons. Several rounds of talks have taken place between India and China to end the dispute but till now no way has been found. The Chinese army is not ready to back down.

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