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India-China Ties: Peace and reconciliation needed between China and India, Foreign Minister tells Chinese ambassador to India

New Delhi

India Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met Chinese envoy Sun Weidong on Wednesday. The External Affairs Minister stressed on peace and border reconciliation between the two countries. He said peace and reconciliation between China and India is essential to balance bilateral relations.

After the meeting, the External Affairs Minister had tweeted

After meeting the Chinese ambassador, Jaishankar tweeted, “Met Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong for his farewell. Emphasis on development of India-China relations. Peace and reconciliation on the border is essential. “Normalising India-China relations is in the interest of both countries and the world. ‘

Differences between neighbouring countries natural

At his farewell ceremony on Tuesday, the Chinese envoy stressed on resolving the difficulties between the two countries. Sun said it is natural to have some differences between neighbouring countries but how to manage it is important. “The general interest between the two countries goes far beyond the differences between us,” he posted on the Chinese embassy website. We should be well aware of it. “The two countries should forget their differences and find a proper solution through dialogue,” he added.

Both countries need to respect each other’s political system and the path of development. The Chinese envoy said that both countries will have to find a new path apart from the old path. China and India have enough space in the world to move forward together. At the same time, people also have so much intelligence that they can find solutions for peace. ‘

Talks between the two countries have been going on since 2020.

Since April 2020, India and China have held diplomatic and military-level talks in several phases. This conversation was done about the situation on the India-China border LAC. India has repeatedly said that the situation between the two countries cannot be normal unless the situation on the border is right. This will further impact the relationship between the two countries.

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