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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit France next week

New Delhi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France next week, there will be a discussion on increasing defence cooperation between the two countries. Along with this, negotiations can also be held regarding the purchase of Rafale aircraft for the Navy.

However, no official information has been shared by the government about this. Sources related to the Ministry of Defense said that after the successful induction of 36 Rafale aircraft into the fleet of the Air Force, now the Navy is also being considered for equipping these powerful aircraft.

The aircraft carrier INS Vikrant has been inducted into the Navy some time ago. The Navy urgently needs fighter jets for deployment on this ship. Currently, the Navy is using MiG-29 aircraft, most of which are stationed at INS Vikramaditya. Hence, there is an immediate need for more fighter jets to equip the two aircraft carriers.

According to the sources, during the Prime Minister’s visit to France, negotiations are expected to take place regarding the purchase of the naval version of the Rafale.

Initial preparations have been made in this regard by the officials of both countries. Although DRDO is developing a twin-engine aircraft for the Navy, its maiden flight is proposed in 2026. It will be a modernized version of Teja’s. If all goes well, this aircraft will be in service with the Navy by 2030. But before that, the Air Force will need fighter planes. The fulfilment of this is possible only by immediate purchase from abroad.

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