India’s Global Influence: Key Focus During G20 Presidency


India, a dominant player in global politics, has a major stake in shaping the future of global policies and processes. Recognizing the critical role it plays during its G20 presidency, India will need to focus on key areas.  India’s quest for better international cooperation and sustainable global development.

Digital Transformation

Will India capitalize on the trend of digital transformation during its G20 presidency? With the exponential growth and the influence of digital technologies, India aims to facilitate a robust, equitable, and secure digital infrastructure. Efforts would revolve around improving digital literacy, expanding digital networks, and promoting the benefits of digitalization while also addressing the challenges of cybersecurity.

Climate Financing

How can India prioritize environmental concerns despite economic considerations? India, as the G20 president, would look towards fostering sustainable finance models that cater to the mitigation of and adaptation to the global warming crisis. The objective would be to support low-carbon transitions in emerging economies without impeding their economically viable pathways of development.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

How will India use the G20 presidency to propel the SDGs?  The 17 SDGs, call for a higher degree of international cooperation. India will ensure the reaffirmation of common global targets around issues such as poverty, gender equality, quality education, and clean energy, among others.

Food Security

How will India address the global food security conundrum? India’s agenda would include inclusive, science-based, and region-specific strategies to improve agriculture techniques, achieve better crop yields, and enhance the nutritional quality of food.

The “Key Focus Areas for India During the G20 Presidency” will unfold. Expect to witness India’s steering of the global political, economic, and environmental landscape marked by ingenuity, commitment, and strategic planning as it serves as the G20 president.

G20 presidency, India plans to focus on digital transformation, climate financing, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), food security, and more to foster overarching international cooperation and sustainable global development. With a heady mix of anticipation and challenge, India’s presidency is set to bring significant changes to the G20 landscape.

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