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Iran-China alliance counters US influence in Middle East

China and  Iran have agreed to work closely to oppose external interference and counter unilateral oppression to safeguard their interests. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that China will continue to support each other on issues related to their core interests, jointly oppose external interference and combat unilateral oppression, and safeguard the sovereignty, security, and development interests of China and Iran.

The two countries have enjoyed strong bilateral ties since 2018 after former US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal and imposed economic sanctions to limit West Asia’s nuclear ambitions. In 2021, the two countries signed a 25-year strategic agreement to strengthen economic and security cooperation. Iran has forged close ties with Beijing to reduce US influence in the Middle East and South Asia region.

To safeguard international justice and fairness, China’s foreign minister vowed to cooperate with Tehran to oppose policies of unilateral sanctions. Wang also affirmed Iran’s contribution to its economic development and strongly opposed US-led sanctions on the Iranian energy and oil sectors, as well as the freezing of Iranian assets by its central bank.

Iran and China, bastions against US influence, have been accused by the West of supplying arms to Russia, as the latter is waging its own all-out war in neighbouring Ukraine. Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed that Beijing supports Iran in safeguarding its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national dignity.

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