Iranian Regime’s Desperation in Elections

Iran’s regime has historically used suppression and deceit to maintain power, imposing its fundamentalistic ideology and killing opponents. However, these tactics are becoming less effective, and even regime insiders have admitted to their deceit. Journalist Abbas Abdi criticized the regime for fabricating narratives that contradict religious obligations, arguing that the issue is not about beliefs but about interests.

In a recent example, the Guardian Council spokesperson announced that unveiled women can participate in elections and choose representatives, despite the regime’s history of fines, beatings, imprisonment, and even killings for non-adherence to its medieval hijab rules. This deception is a stark contrast to the regime’s previous practices, which have been criticized for their disregard for religious obligations.

The Iranian regime has been accused of hypocrisy, with state-run Hamdeli newspaper questioning the right of unveiled citizens to vote. Loyalists argue that it is the undeniable right of an unveiled lady to vote, a claim that has been echoed by regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini. The regime has demonstrated a lack of upholding of citizens’ rights, even murdering individuals for violating dress codes.

In times of weakness and instability, the regime exploits unveiled women for theatrics of elections and indulges in extravagance. The regime’s maneuvers, such as regional warmongering and purging his own ranks, have led to further vulnerability and the elimination of key players without yielding significant results. The regime’s actions have been criticized for diverting attention from social crises and uprisings, resulting in further vulnerability and the elimination of key players.

Missile attacks against other countries have led to the killing of innocent civilians and further condemnation of the ruling mullahs’ regime. Social classes have become aware of the regime’s weakness and have declared they will not participate in its electoral circus.

Two-term president Hassan Rohani and former head of the Supreme National Security Council of the regime have stated that the regime’s “crisis of social capital,” defection of loyal forces, and deep gap between regime and people have reached their deepest level possible.

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