Iranian university opens doors for Afghan Girls

After the Taliban banned higher education for Girls students in Afghanistan, now Tehran University has announced scholarships for Afghan Girls students.

Iran has decided to provide more education opportunities for Afghan women. Tehran has taken this decision after the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan banned the education of girls.

Iranian government news agency IRNA said in a report on Tuesday that Iran has increased the budget of Tehran University five times for scholarships for Afghan students.

Hundreds of Afghan students studying in Iran

A statement issued by Tehran University said that Iran will give education opportunities to more Afghans, especially girls, this year. Tehran University currently has a total of 470 Afghan students, of whom almost a quarter are Girls. University officials say more than half of these students are studying in Iranian educational institutions on scholarships.

After the recent closure of universities for Girls students by the Afghan Taliban, Iran expressed its deep regret for the decision of the Afghan government and also announced that it will provide special facilities for Afghan girl students.

In the month of December, the Taliban banned the entry of Girls to the university. When the Taliban came to power in August 2021, it had said that it is not the Taliban of 1990 and has changed. He also made many promises regarding the freedom of Girls. However, one by one all those promises are being broken.

“We Started Crying Out Crying”: Girl Students Desperate Over Taliban Ban

There is a strict ban on women in Iran too

Ever since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, the role of Girls in daily life has almost disappeared. After the arrival of the Taliban, a large number of Girls have been removed from government jobs.

In many cases, salaries were reduced and women workers were sent home. Girls in Afghanistan are prohibited from travelling unaccompanied by a man.

They have to cover themselves completely when they go out of the house. In the month of November itself, he was barred from attending parks, fairs, gyms and other public events of entertainment.

Iran is also a Muslim-majority country, where strict Islamic laws have been repeatedly criticized. Girls face severe restrictions in the Islamic republic.

Protests that started last year after the death of Kurdish Iranian woman Mahsa Amini have created serious problems for Iran at the international level. Although the country has an education system and a number of Girls students in higher education.

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