Iran’s government oppresses women who do not wear hijab


In Iran, women who do not wear hijab are being punished. They are getting the dead bodies cleaned in the mortuary. Also being sent to a psychiatrist for treatment. According to media reports, the Iranian government is taking more strict action on women who do not wear hijab than before, so that women who violate the hijab law can be restrained.

Even women who do not wear hijab are being refused treatment in the hospital. An order has been issued to fire women who do not wear hijab. In this episode, Iranian actress Afsane Beygan has also been sentenced to two years of suspended prison. Also instructed to go to the psychiatrist every week for counselling. Let us tell you that in the past, the actress had posted many of her pictures on social media without wearing a hijab.

According to media reports, a Tehran court sentenced a woman who cleans dead bodies in a morgue for violating hijab rules. The only crime of the victim woman was that she was driving a car without wearing a hijab. Expressing surprise at the decision of the judges who were sentenced, many social organizations have criticized them. Gholam-Hossein Mohseny EJE, president of Iran’s four mental health organizations, has written a letter to the head of the country’s judiciary. He has said that the diagnosis of mental health disorders is the responsibility of psychiatrists, not judges.

After the death of a young woman named Mahsa Amini, a large number of women protested against wearing the hijab. He was badly tortured by the police. Since then there were nationwide protests in Iran. A large number of women had demonstrated against the hijab. Iranian professor Azadeh Qian said that Bayegan’s sentence clearly shows that the government wants to instil fear among women. Inventing new ways to force women to cover their heads.

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