Israel passes four laws against domestic abuse


Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said on Sunday that his party, “Otzma Yehudit” (Jewish Power), has fulfilled a campaign promise by passing four new laws in the Knesset. All four laws deal with the fight against violent crime.

Ben-Gvir said it was a law that would, for the first time, respond to protection/extortion rackets in Israel, whereby organized crime groups demand payments from small businesses and farms in exchange for promises not to harm them. We do. The law includes a definition of the crime “preservation” and provides for a prison sentence of up to 9 years and confiscation of money held by criminals in the absence of conviction.

Israel has recently seen a rise in incidents where business owners who refused to pay security fees had their property destroyed. However, at the same time, there has been a significant increase in police activities against criminal gangs involved in such activities. Unfortunately, the police lack the manpower to protect all the businesses/farms at risk.

Ben-Gvir said the amended electric bracelet law is used on certain individuals (whether charged with a crime awaiting trial or placed under house arrest, etc.), but especially on those subjected to domestic abuse. or has been accused of violence against women, which will help prevent domestic violence. The future. Recently, the opposition in the Knesset accused the government of not doing enough to protect Israeli women from acts of violence perpetrated by men.

Legislation to increase punishment for sexual crimes committed on a nationalistic basis Punishment will be doubled for sexual crimes committed on a nationalistic basis (i.e. crimes committed against the victim because of their ethnicity, religion). The compensation paid by the perpetrator to the victim will also be doubled to 260,000 shekels (US$71,000).

The Airsoft Law (Against Terrorism and Violence), Ben-Gvir said, would end the proliferation of weapons used for terrorism and crime, without limiting the legitimate use of airsoft rifles for recreational activities. These are paintball rifles that shoot paint at people as part of a military combat simulation fought between competing teams. But such rifles can be converted for use as lethal weapons like regular guns. In recent months, Israel’s police and IDF have reported the discovery and seizure of airsoft rifles used by criminals and terrorists in various raids across the country.

domestic abuseIsraelIsrael passes four laws against domestic abuse