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Israel worried deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran


The Middle East these days. There has been a lot of uproar in the region ever since Iran and Saudi Arabia joined hands. Both countries, which did not see eye to eye with each other, are now preparing to restore relations by opening the embassy. After the peace agreement between the two countries, if anyone is worried the most, it is Israel.

This agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is being termed a big blow for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu often publicly calls Iran a major threat. He has always reiterated that Iran is a major threat to diplomatic priorities and a personal crusade. Since this agreement, Netanyahu is not able to understand what to do.

Did China create difficulties?

Iran and Saudi Arabia extended the hand of friendship after the talks held in China. For a year, China had made efforts for this relationship. This deal between the two countries is also being termed a big blow to Israel’s internal politics. Interestingly, this agreement has come at a time when discontent against Prime Minister Netanyahu is increasing in Israel.

The agreement that has been reached between Saudi Arabia and Iran is being seen as a major example of a change in diplomatic methods in the Middle East in recent times. This announcement is going to raise concerns for countries like Yemen and Syria, which have been engulfed in Sunni and Shia conflict for a long time. At the same time, experts in Israel are terming this agreement as a big problem.

Israel’s bet backfired

In the year 2020, due to the efforts of America, Israel got a big diplomatic victory. Israel signed the Abraham Accords with four Arab countries. After this agreement, Bahrain, UAE, Morocco and Sudan agreed to normalize relations with Israel. The purpose of this agreement was to isolate Iran in the region. Netanyahu has always been seen promoting himself as a PM who can keep Israel safe from Iran.

What will Netanyahu do?

Netanyahu always says that he can keep the country safe from Iran’s nuclear program and other organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel’s better relations with Saudi Arabia would have been a big opportunity for Netanyahu.

Relations between Israel and Saudi have improved in two years, but still, they do not want to recognize the Jewish country. Experts say that the deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia has put an end to Israel’s dream of full statehood. With the decision by Saudi Arabia, now Israel is left alone in this region. Last year UAE has also started formal relations with Iran.

According to Yoel Guzansky of Israel’s think tank Institute for National Security Studies, this agreement is a big blow to Israel’s efforts, under which efforts have been made to maintain its influence in the region in recent years. If they are to be believed, any diplomatic victory for Iran is bad news for Israel.

Danny Danon, who has been Netanyahu’s companion and has also been Israel’s ambassador to the UN, says that the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran is very painful for Israel. He predicted that in the year 2023, there could be a peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia. But now they do not see this happening.

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