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Israeli forces withdrawing from Jenin refugee camp in West Bank


Israeli forces have begun withdrawing from the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, ending their major two-day operation. The operation began on Monday, with Israeli troops killing at least 10 Palestinians. Thousands of people fled their homes due to the biggest raids in two decades. However, sounds of gunfire and explosions are still being heard in Jenin, the BBC reports.

The BBC quoted health officials as saying that a Palestinian man was shot dead, while three others were wounded in an airstrike. Earlier, Palestinian militant groups said the car attack and stabbing in Israel was a reaction to the Israeli raid. At least seven Israelis were injured in a car attack and stabbing in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Israeli officials said.

The Israeli rescue service Zaka said in a statement that among the injured was a 47-year-old woman who suffered serious injuries. The attack took place on the main street of Neot Afeka in northern Tel Aviv, where the attacker arrived in his car, Xinhua news agency reported. Tel Aviv district commander Ami Ished told reporters that the driver made a sharp turn toward the bus station and hit a group of pedestrians. Ished said the driver then got out of his car and began stabbing others. According to Ished, the driver was shot and killed.

The attacker was identified as Hasin Halila, 23, from the town of As-Samu’ in the Hebron region of the southern West Bank. The Palestinian armed group Hamas praised the attack. In a statement, the group said it was a response to the Israeli attack in Jenin.

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