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Israelis protests against Netanyahu government’s judicial reform policy

In Israel, more than 150,000 people have taken to the streets. Out of these 40,000 people are demonstrating in Tel Aviv alone. For the first time, people have come out in such large numbers.

The protest comes as a bill to significantly curtail the court’s powers as part of the Netanyahu government’s judicial reform policy is to be read in the national legislature, the Knesset, on Monday.

Strong protests have been taking place for six months by citizens, military reserves and political parties in the centre, the left and even the right. Faced with the protests, the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has renewed its efforts to pass judicial reform.

In late June, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that one of the most controversial aspects of his government’s proposed judicial reform was the removal of a provision allowing the Knesset to overturn Supreme Court decisions. He said that Israel has no control over the power of the Knesset apart from the Supreme Court.


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