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Kim Jong Un facing challenges, will succeed

North Korea Kim Jong Un: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has tested a record number of missiles this year. After the missile tests, he held an important political meeting. In this meeting, Kim Jong called for strong efforts to deal with the difficulties and challenges facing the country.

A meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party was convened in Pyongyang on Monday to review past projects and discuss work plans for next year, according to the official Korean Central News Agency. Some experts say that Kim talked about expanding his nuclear stockpile in this meeting. Reiterated our resolve to focus on high-tech weapons targeting the US and South Korea.

During the meeting, Kim Jong Un compared the difficulties and challenges to “ten years of struggle for revolution”. He claimed that North Korea had achieved some successes “in difficult times”. The power of his country has grown remarkably in the political, military, economic and cultural fields. During this, Kim Jong-un stressed the need to strategize for the future and said that the country has achieved practical progress after enduring all the difficulties. In the meeting, Kim also reviewed the achievements made this year.

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