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Lalu Yadav’s support for Sharad Pawar

New Delhi

NCP, Sharad Pawar is getting the support of opposition parties. Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD President Lalu Yadav has extended support to Sharad Pawar, who comes after Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and Nitish Kumar. Along with this, speaking on opposition unity, he said that. Let the BJP members speak, BJP will be defeated in the elections next year. Sharad Pawar is a powerful leader, but it is all thanks to his nephew.

Talking to the media, Lalu Prasad Yadav said that will he retire just because of someone’s saying. Does one retire in politics when they are old? There is no retirement age in politics. We are with Sharad Pawar. This will not harm the opposition’s unity. RJD President said that people of 17 parties are uniting. Let the people of the BJP say whatever they want to say. BJP is going to be wiped out in the elections next year. Sharad Pawar is a strong leader, but all this is the handiwork of his nephew.

Earlier, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi called up Sharad Pawar. Have given their support. Significantly, Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar broke away from the party and joined the Eknath Shinde-led NDA government. In the government, Ajit Pawar has been made the Deputy Chief Minister and eight other MLAs along with him have been made ministers.

Earlier, Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar made a show of strength in two separate meetings with party leaders. In a meeting in Bandra, Mumbai, Ajit Pawar fiercely attacked his uncle Sharad Pawar without naming him and said that his heart desires that he should become the head of the state. I have some plans of my own, which are in the interest of the state, to implement what is necessary to become the Chief Minister.