Manipur Violence: Violent clashes between Meitei community and security forces

Manipur Violence India

The situation in Manipur, which has been going through ethnic violence for several months, worsened again on Thursday. There was a fierce clash between the people of the Meitei community and the police who were protesting in Vishnupur of the state. Police resorted to aerial firing and tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. During this, the protesters pelted stones at the security forces. Many people were injured in the clash. The police have also detained some protesters.

Now for information, let us tell you that Manipur has been burning like this for the last three months. More than 150 people have died, and many are injured, but so far this violence has not been stopped. Even though the Supreme Court is hearing this matter, and has reprimanded the government, the situation on the ground has not improved much. On the contrary, once again the violent tremors have increased the tension on the ground.

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