Mark Zuckerberg says ready to compete with Elon Musk

San Francisco

Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday he was “ready to fight” Elon Musk and was waiting to confirm a date, the ex-boss replied that an “exact date” is yet to come.

Zuckerberg posted a screenshot of Musk’s post about lifting weights to prepare for the fight, saying, “I’m ready today.” When he first did the challenge, I suggested August 26, but he didn’t confirm. ”

“I love this sport and I will continue to compete no matter what happens.” Posting another statement from Musk that the fight would be live-streamed on X and all proceeds would go to charity, Zuckerberg asked, “Shouldn’t we be using a more credible platform that raises money for charity?” Can?”

When a user asked if the fight being streamed on X was mutually agreed upon, Zuckerberg replied, “Mostly like ‘funding secured.'” Commenting on Zuckerberg’s statements, Musk said that the exact date for the cage fight is “still in flux.”

When an X user posted, “News: Zak says he’s ready to fight this month, but no response from Elon Musk.” Musk replied: “The exact date is still in change. I will have an MRI of my neck and upper back tomorrow.” “Surgery may be needed before the fight can take place. Will find out this week.”

Responding to another post, he said, “If the fight is short, I’ll probably win. If long, he might win on stamina.” Musk also said, “I weigh at least 300 pounds.” “Goal to get 50 pounds of free weights this week. I build muscle fast. Physical endurance is my weakness, so I’m aiming to get there quickly,” he wrote on Monday. The cage fight buzz first started when Musk replied to a post in June about the news that Meta was releasing a Twitter competitor.

Elon MuskMark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg says ready to compete with Elon Musk