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Mexico City: Husband killed wife and ate her brain, used skull ashtray

Mexico City

A man killed his wife. And then behaved badly. The man ate his wife’s brain. He also used her skull as an ashtray. This terrible incident happened in Pueblo, Mexico. Alvaro, 32, is a builder.

He married 38-year-old Maria Montserrat last year. He already has five daughters aged between 12 and 23. Meanwhile, on June 29, Alvaro committed a crime. He was drunk and killed his wife. He cut the dead body into pieces.

He put his wife’s brain on bread and ate it. He used her skull as an ashtray. He kept his wife’s body in a plastic bag. After this, he called his stepdaughter. He said that he had killed their mother and kept the body in a bag and that he should come and take it.

On the other hand, after knowing about this, the police went home and arrested Alvaro. He told the police that he had committed this crime on the orders of the devil.

At the same time, the police noticed that there were signs of witchcraft and an altar in the room of the accused who killed his wife. Meanwhile, the mother of the deceased alleged that Alvaro, who had a habit of taking drugs, was also mentally and sexually abusing his stepdaughters. He told the local media that he might be mentally ill and that is why he would have committed such a crime.

Husband killed wife and ate her brainMexico Cityskull ashtray