Moldova’s Pro-West President Sandu: A Leader for Progress and Change

Moldova’s pro-Western president, Maia Sandu, has announced her intention to seek reelection next year and has called for a referendum on the country’s potential EU accession. Sandu emphasized that Moldova’s future lies in the European family and called for a clear decision on the country’s path.

The EU announced its decision to open membership negotiations with Moldova and Ukraine and grant candidacy status to Georgia at a Brussels summit. Sandu invited citizens to a pro-European gathering in Chisinau to celebrate the historic step for Moldova’s destiny. Moldova’s prime minister, Dorin Recean, echoed Sandu’s sentiment, stating that Moldova is European and its future lies in the EU.

Maia Sandu, the president of Moldova, has praised parliament’s adoption of a national defense strategy, aiming to strengthen the country’s security and stability.

The Moldovan government aims to transform the country from a fragile democracy into a strong, modern, and European state. Sandu is seeking support for another term in the November 2024 elections, with a possible EU membership referendum.

This would be Sandu’s third run for president, having defeated pro-Moscow Socialist Igor Dodon in 2016 and 2020. Dodon criticized Sandu’s announcement, stating that she has nothing to offer but a referendum to save her from political drowning. He argued that Sandu aims to partner with Europe and bring a new mandate, but people are now more associated with poverty, arrogance, and anti-democratic abuse.

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