More than 100 dead due to extreme heat in Mexico

More than 100 dead due to extreme heat in Mexico

In the last few years, due to global warming, climatic changes have been observed all over the world. It is hotter than average in summer and colder in winter.

But the effect of this climate change has been seen in the summer and many parts of the world have started getting hotter than before. Something similar is being seen in Mexico. At this time in Mexico, the intense heat is wreaking havoc, due to which people are suffering.

The temperature exceeds 50 degrees

The ravages of summer in Mexico are so great that the temperature has crossed 50 degrees Celsius in many places in the country. There is nowhere else as hot as the heat that is going on in Mexico right now.

More than 100 people have died in June so far

The Ministry of Health of Mexico recently informed that more than 100 people died in June due to extreme heat. The Ministry of Health said that due to the extreme heat, there have been more than 1,000 emergency cases in Mexico so far this month, of which 104 people have died Wednesday evening.

Two-thirds died within a week

Mexico’s Health Ministry reported that all the deaths occurred in the past two weeks. Two-thirds of these deaths occurred between June 18-24. About 64% of the total deaths occurred in Nuevo Leon.

Last year there was only 1 death

The Ministry of Health of Mexico informed that while the conditions in the country are getting worse this year due to the heat, there was only 1 death during the same period last year.