Moscow Alert: US Embassy’s Safety Advisory

The US Embassy in Russia has warned of a potential threat to Moscow within 48 hours, citing intelligence reports suggesting extremist organizations are planning attacks on crowded areas and large gatherings.

The embassy urges US citizens to exercise caution and avoid crowded places.

The alert follows a meeting between the US Embassy in Moscow and the Russian Foreign Ministry, where Russian authorities demanded the cessation of activities by three American institutions, accusing them of interference in the country’s internal affairs.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused Western countries, particularly the US, of orchestrating cyber attacks to disrupt the upcoming presidential elections in March.

Russian officials claim that hackers from Western nations are targeting election-related institutions and government departments to undermine the electoral process.

The presidential candidates include Putin, Kharitonov, Slutsky, and Dvankov. The conflict in Ukraine has sparked Russia’s most severe crisis with the West since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
Putin warns that any deployment of troops by the West to Ukraine could escalate into a nuclear confrontation.

The Kremlin describes its relations with the US as at their lowest point and accuses the US of backing Ukraine with financial, military, and intelligence support.

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