NATO alert in Ukraine war: NATO on high alert after Russian military’s decree, what is Putin’s strategy in Ukraine war

The Ukraine war has now reached a very dangerous juncture. The dangerous signal given by the Russian army about the Ukrainian city of Khersan has raised the ears of NATO and western countries. The Russian military has asked all residents of Khersan to leave the city immediately. This has raised fears that the Russian army may take a major military action in this area. In such a situation, the question arises why the Russian army ordered people to leave the city. Does it have a big strategic meaning? Let’s know what experts say on this.

NATO military on high alert after Putin’s diktat

NATO forces are on high alert after this order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In such a situation, the question arises whether Russia can attack western countries on the pretext of Khersan. Can NATO and Russian troops face-to-face in this war? Is there a possibility of a third world war? Experts say that if NATO jumps into this war, ukraine war will be called in World War III.

Putin’s big strategy to end Ukraine war

Foreign affairs expert Prof Harsh V Pant says that this gesture of the Russian army gives a dangerous signal. He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is engaged in executing a big strategy. Belarus’ military cooperation to the Russian military should be linked to this link. They seem to have a big intention behind evacuating citizens from Khersan. First the missile attack on Ukraine’s capital Kiev and then the attack on the energy system of its major cities seems to be his big plan behind.

Prof. Pant said that Through his military strategy, Putin can try to put tremendous pressure on the Western countries along with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Therefore, the Russian military has now targeted ukraine’s power stations and water supply systems. The Russian military now aims to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure to put pressure on Ukrainian President Zelensky and western countries.

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