North Korea’s Massive Weapon Shipment to Russia: 1,000 Containers

The US has accused North Korea of sending over 1,000 containers of military equipment and munitions to Russia to fuel its ongoing war against Ukraine. The equipment will be used against innocent Ukrainians and will be used to attack Ukrainian cities and kill civilians.

The US accuses North Korea of seeking military assistance from Russia, including fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, armoured vehicles, ballistic missile production equipment, and other advanced technologies. Satellite images released by Washington did not reveal the contents of the containers. Pyongyang and Moscow have denied US reports of North Korean ammunition deliveries to Russia since last year.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un visited Russia in September to meet President Vladimir Putin, rekindling speculation about a deal to replenish Russian stocks. US intelligence officials suggested Moscow would likely seek artillery shells and anti-tank missiles from North Korea in exchange for advanced satellite and nuclear-powered submarine technology. The White House released images of containers loaded onto a Russian-flagged ship before being moved via train to southwestern Russia.

The containers were shipped between Najin, North Korea, and Dunay, a seaport near Vladivostok in Russia. The US revealed the new intelligence as North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend itself after the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier arrived in Busan.

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported a significant increase in freight railcar traffic along North Korea’s border with Russia, indicating that covered containers at the rail station contained “probable” weapons shipments. However, an analysis by NK Pro website suggested that the goods were likely for disinfection, suggesting they were imports from Russia to North Korea, which is just reopening after the pandemic.

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