Nuh Violence: 5 killed far in Nuh violence

New Delhi

A total of 5 people, including two policemen, have died in the Nuh violence. So far several FIRs have been registered in this matter, and a total of 70 people have been detained so far. Chief Minister Manohar Lal gave this information after a meeting on Tuesday on the situation arising in Nuh.

He said that whatever happened in Nuh is unfortunate. Senior police officers and administration were immediately dispatched as soon as the incident was detected. The CM said that a social yatra, which takes place every year, was attacked by some people, and the police were also targeted. The Yatra was disrupted in a well-planned and conspiratorial manner, which points to a larger conspiracy. The police were also attacked and attempts were made to disrupt the yatra.

The CM said that vehicles were set on fire and incidents of arson were also reported at some places. Although the situation is normal everywhere including Nuh. The CM said that people from outside Nuh who were involved in the incident were being identified. No rowdy will be spared. The CM has appealed to all citizens to come forward to restore peace.

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