Pakistan: Sindh and Punjab police force encounter


Police forces of Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan are fighting each other to claim credit for killing at least seven dacoits and a police informer in an alleged encounter on Friday. The incident took place within Kashmore police limits in the early hours of Friday. In addition, the statements of Kashmore and Rahim Yar Khan district police officers who led the operation, and the site of the alleged encounter, contradicted each other’s claims on the number of dacoits.

As per the Dawn report, along with the identity of the policy informer, he was also gunned down. Some unconfirmed reports also stated that the killings resulted from a dispute between two rival gangs operating in the riverine regions between Sindh and Punjab. Local gangs have claimed that the killings were a result of rivalry between the Indher gang and the Chandio clan of the Zaheer Peer area, reports Dawn. Ashmore police

According to sources, the incident took place on the premises of Ghelpur police station. However, a spokesperson of the Rahim Yar Khan police claimed that it happened within the Machka police station limits, Dawn reported. Dacoits _ Allegedly killed in the shootout were identified as Janu Indher, Mushir Indher, Sumer Shar, Bhuri Shar, Shahzado Dasti, Nazro, Mawali and a police informer, Usman Chandio. But, the officials of Kashmore and Rahim Yar Khan were giving contradictory statements.

PakistanPakistan: Sindh and Punjab police force encounterpolice force encounter