Pakistan cabinet

Pakistan-US Defense Agreement

Pakistan’s cabinet has approved an important strategic agreement with the US. This will enable the resumption of defence cooperation between the two countries, which was closed for the last few years. With this agreement, the way for the Pakistani army to get American weapons has also been cleared. According to a Pakistani media report, the Cabinet of the Government of Pakistan has approved the Communication Inter-Operability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CIS-MOA).

However, till now the Government of Pakistan has not given any official statement regarding this. Pakistan and America have again agreed to increase defence cooperation. Recently, Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Munir met US Central Command Chief General Michael Eric Kurilla. The CIS-MOA is a foundational agreement that the US enters into with its allies with whom it maintains close defence ties. This agreement also acts as a legal cover for defence exports, with the help of which the US can easily sell its weapons to any country.

This agreement between Pakistan and the US was first signed in October 2005 for 15 years. This agreement was to end in 2020. Now this agreement has been re-done between the two countries, due to which both countries will clear the way for joint military exercises, training, purchase of weapons etc. Pakistani army uses weapons made by American companies. Now after this agreement, it is believed that the Pakistani army can again make a deal for United States arms.

Relations between the US and Pakistan were very good during the Afghanistan war, but in the year 2011, after the meeting of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, the relations between the two countries soured. After that, after the rise of China, Pakistan came closer to China. At the same time, the relationship between America and India is very strong. Now in the current government of Pakistan, efforts are being made to strengthen relations with America again and with this agreement, at least Pakistan is expecting that the relations between the two countries will warm again.