Powering the Future: TotalEnergies Unveils Scotland’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

TotalEnergies and SSE Renewables have announced that their Seagreen offshore wind farm, located in the North Sea, is fully operational and running at its design capacity of 1,075 MW. The joint venture, which began construction in June 2020, has been completed in around three years for a global investment of around $4 billion.

The project, which began construction in June 2020, has the capacity to generate around 5 terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable electricity, enough to power almost 1.6 million homes annually. Seagreen will also prevent over 2 million tons of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel electricity generation every year. TotalEnergies will commercialize its share of production through Seagreen, which includes a 15-year Contract for Difference awarded by the UK Government, a 15-year private Contract for Difference with the SSE Group, and short-term sales on the wholesale market.

TotalEnergies has completed its largest offshore wind farm, Seagreen, at full power, marking a significant step towards its renewable energy strategy. The 1 GW project, which will contribute to TotalEnergies’ Integrated Power 12% profitability target and the goal of reaching over 100 TWh of power generation by 2030, is part of the company’s strategy to build a world-class, cost-competitive portfolio. Seagreen’s participation in the project, along with SSE, has strengthened offshore wind expertise, which will be useful for future projects in the UK, US, and Germany.

Scotland’s Seagreen offshore windfarm is a significant milestone in the country’s pursuit of a net zero energy system. The project, which can power up to 1.6 million homes, is a testament to the country’s world-class renewable resources and the ability of its teams to deliver major clean energy projects at scale.

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering climate obligations and ensuring a just transition for workers. The project aims to maximize the economic opportunity presented by Scotland’s offshore wind potential by developing local supply chains, embedding innovation, boosting skills, creating jobs, and benefiting people and communities. Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive of SSE plc, emphasized the need for more Seagreens to fully realize Scotland’s potential and look forward to working with governments, partners, investors, and local communities to bring more landmark projects forward in the future.

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