Putin’s Anticipated Meeting with ‘Dear Friend’ Xi Amidst China’s Successful Conclusion of Belt and Road Summit


Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to strengthen their “no-limits” partnership amid the Ukraine war and Middle East conflict. Xi is hosting Putin and other global leaders at the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Summit, celebrating 10 years since launching the infrastructure project.

The focus will be on Putin and Xi’s remarks about the Israel-Hamas war, as US President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel to show support and minimize civilian casualties. This is Putin’s second trip abroad since the International Criminal Court accused him of illegally deporting children from Ukraine in March.

The conflict between Russia and China stems from the lack of justice for Palestinians. Russia has condemned violence against Jews and Palestinians, while Putin has criticized the US for its flawed approach. In February 2022, Russia and China declared a “no-limits” partnership before sending troops into Ukraine. Xi Jinping is pushing for a smaller and greener Belt and Road (BRI), shifting from big-ticket projects like dams to high-tech ones like digital finance and e-commerce platforms.

The aim is to promote a multipolar world order, giving the global south more agency. The BRI is now focusing on issues like peace, climate change, and artificial intelligence, as Xi seeks to export Chinese governance ideas and build consensus around Chinese norms and development models. Putin has praised the initiative as a platform for international cooperation, where no one imposes anything on others.

ChinaPutin's Anticipated Meeting with 'Dear Friend' Xi Amidst China's Successful Conclusion of Belt and Road SummitRussiaRussian President Vladimir Putint Chinese President Xi Jinping