Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Concerns About World War III

Putin warns Western powers that a direct conflict between Russia and the US-led NATO alliance could lead to a “one step away” from full-scale World War III.

However, Putin is not the only world leader who has predicted the possibility of a Third World War amid the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, and Hamas and Israel.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed concerns about a potential Third World War and has called for increased military support from Western nations.

Former US President Donald Trump has expressed similar apprehensions for current President Joe Biden, stating that he is the “only one who will prevent World War III.” Republican Vivek Ramaswamy started a “Stop World War III rally” in Miami last year, expressing fears of a possible war involving many countries.

US President Joe Biden has been discussing the specter of another world war since Russia invaded Ukraine, and has been telling his aides, “We’re trying to avoid World War III.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned in December 2022 about the Russia-Ukraine war, stating that if things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong.

The Russia-Ukraine war entered its 753rd day on March 18, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Putin a “dictator” and “sick from power.” The deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine in March could escalate into World War III, as some Italian media reports suggest.

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani believes NATO troops should not enter Ukraine, as going to war with Russia risks World War III. French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that if Russia moves too far west, it could introduce French troops into the conflict, increasing NATO’s involvement.

Europe could switch into a war economy mode as fears about World War III intensify and the need to bolster defenses becomes increasingly necessary.The European Commission plans to create a new defense industry system to protect itself from Russia.

The European Union’s Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton, has warned that the region’s defense industry must be shifted into war economy mode to supply Ukraine and itself with arms and munitions.

Elon Musk warns of a potential escalation of the US-Israel conflict, urging for peace with Ukraine and normal relations with Russia.

United Nations General Assembly President Dennis Francis warns of a potential global mass war due to the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea, emphasizing the need for regionalization to prevent further escalation.