Quran burned in Sweden on occasion of Eid

Muslims living all over celebrating the festival of Eid. The Festival is also known as Eid-al-Adha in many countries of the world. This festival is very special for Muslims and Muslims living all over the world celebrate. But today on this occasion of Eid, something happened which has created a ruckus.

Quran burnt in Sweden

On the occasion of Eid, something happened in Sweden today which hardly anyone would have thought. A 37-year-old man burnt a book of the Quran in front of the Central Mosque on Wednesday evening on the occasion of Eid in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Eid started on Wednesday evening itself. In such a situation, on the occasion of Eid, many people demonstrated in front of the central mosque of Stockholm. According to the report, the government and the police had permitted the demonstration citing freedom of expression. During this demonstration, a man tore the book of the Quran and set it on fire.

Protesters asked to ban Quran

In a demonstration held in front of the Central Mosque in Stockholm, a protester also called for a worldwide ban on the Quran. Describing the Quran as a useless book, the protestor said that it is a threat to democracy, morality, human values, human rights and women’s rights and for this reason, it should be banned.

Uproar in Islamic countries

In this way, there has been an uproar in Sweden over the burning of the Quran in front of the mosque on the occasion of Eid. As soon as the video of this incident surfaced on social media, there has been anger in Islamic countries and many countries have openly expressed displeasure over this incident. Muslims living in Sweden are opposing this incident, as well as Muslims around the world are also condemning this incident.

The incident was described as a heinous crime by the Foreign Ministry of Turkey. In a tweet, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan called for controlling the extremists who are spreading Islamophobia, calling the anti-Islam demonstration wrong in the name of freedom of expression.

In a tweet, Fahrettin Altun, Director of Communications of the Turkish government, condemned the promotion of Islamophobia and the behaviour of European officials, especially Swedish officials. Altun further said that those who want to join us in NATO cannot tolerate such acts of Islamophobic terrorists. At the same time, Altun has demanded the Swedish authorities take strict action in this matter and expressed hope that the European authorities will be aware of the danger of hatred against Islam.

Morocco has recalled its ambassador living in Sweden after this incident. At the same time, Saudi Arabia also got angry about this incident. Releasing a statement on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry, such hate-spreading incidents were unacceptable. Pakistan and other Islamic countries have also condemned this incident.

The Muslim World League has also tweeted and criticized the incident of the Quran burning in Sweden. The Muslim League issued a statement condemning the incident and called it not an expression of freedom under the protection of the police, but a misuse of many things. The Muslim League has said that respecting others and not provoking them is the right concept of freedom.

MuslimsProtesters asked to ban QuranQuran burned in Sweden on occasion of EidQuran burned in Sweden on the occasion of EidQuran burnt in SwedenUproar in Islamic countries