Rahul Gandhi to start debate on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha

Rahul Gandhi- lok sabha India

New Delhi

Rahul Gandhi will initiate the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha today, starting from the opposition. PM Modi will respond on the 10th. The debate will last for three days, with five BJP ministers and 10 MPs participating.

The motion is the first against the Modi government, and Congress is promoting Rahul Gandhi as chief speaker. The discussion will be held in Parliament, with Nishikant Dubey starting the debate on behalf of the BJP.

Lok Sabha Numerology

Total seats – 543, Vacant seats – 4, Current strength – 539, Majority figure – 271


BJP-301, Shiv Sena-13, LJSP-6, Apna Dal-2, AIADMK-1, NPP-1, NDPP-1, MNF-1, AJSU-1, SKM-1, NPF-1, Independent 2.

143 in protest


INC-51, DMK-24, JDU-16, NCP-5, IUML-3, JKNC-3, JMM-1, Kerala Congress M-1, VCK-1, RSP-1, Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray (UBT)-6 , TMC-23, SP-3, Left-5, AAP-1, Total No.-143.

Not a part of UPA but 18 in opposition

BRS-9, AIMIM-2, SAD-2, AIUDF-1, RLP-1, SAD M-1, JDS-1, Independent-1.

Neutral but oppose no-confidence motion 37

YSRCP-22, BJD-12, TDP 3, Total 37



Means NDA 331 + neutral and opposition 37 = 368 votes against no-confidence motion

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